Auto Windshield Wipers

Auto Windshield Wipers Issues

The Problem With Winshield Wipers On Cars Some things could only live for so long. And just like everything else, windshield wiper blades also do

Warm Weather Car Prep

Getting Your Automobile Ready For Warm Weather

Prepping Your Car For Warm Weather     The first warm weekend of the season traditionally triggers a symphony of cleaning products, vacuums and garden

checking out your car

The Importance Of Car Maintenance

Why Car Care Is So Important Regular vehicle maintenance and sensible driving habits will help the environment and save you money in the long run,

Ball Joints And Suspension Care

Replacing Ball Joints On Your Car An important part of your car’s suspension system is its ball joints. Made of extra tough steel, ball joints

auto repair air deflectors

Why Air Deflectors Are Important

The Importance Of Air Deflectors   The addition of a particular car part to our vehicle is usually designed to improve its performance, but much

Understanding And Adjusting Camber

Camber Changes Camber is probably the most useful and popular alignment adjustment that can be made to a street car. The other alignment adjustments are

Wheel Alignment Explained

What Is A Wheel Alignment? What Exactly is a wheel alignment? How does it effect handling and tire wear? When should I do an alignment?

Top Ten Engine Survival Tips

10 Tips for Engine Survival

10 Tips For Making Your Engine Last Longer 1.) Less RPM – This is the number one killer of an engine. If you can make enough

Tires that are new

How To Rotate Your New Tires

New Tires Most drivers realize that their treads wear down over time. The rubber can slowly erode from constant contact with the road. Even though

Best Place To Find Used Tires

Used Tires

Cheap Used Tires We often ignore our tires unless they’re flat. But they play a vital role in the overall condition of your car. Maintain