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Located just outside the Ft Bragg Yadkin Gate in Fayetteville NC, Express Tires And Rims is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto repair center in Fayetteville NC, providing comprehensive car care services for your domestic or import vehicle to keep it running at full power. In addition, our auto services include a full custom car/truck shop complete with a huge selection of custom wheels, tires, audio equipment and more! For questions, contact us at 910-868-5190 or send us an email, and our experts will help determine how to best assist you.


$14.99 Oil Change

The Best Way To Meet New Customers Is Offer Them More Than They Want Before They Expect IT! So bring in your ride for a deal! Conventional Oil Changes Only $14.99! Included is a free 50 Point Piece of Mind Safty Inspection!

Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment

Express Tires And Rims is a full-service preventative maintenance and auto service and repair center, providing comprehensive car care services for your domestic or import vehicle to keep it running at full power.


Brake pad problems can usually be identified by squealing brakes. If your brake pads deteriorate completely, you'll hear a grinding metal-on-metal sound when braking, meaning that it's too late and you're ruining your rotors or drums!

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Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment

Repair Shop In Fayetteville NCAt some point, we all have to take our cars to the repair shop. Getting a Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment at Express Tires And Rims is Super Easy! This is true whether your car is brand new and merely requires routine oil changes or your car is twenty years old and you need a new transmission. While going to the repair shop is expected of responsible drivers that want to maximize the longevity and performance of their vehicles, many do not have a clue why they may need the services that the mechanic claims they may need or what services they should be asking for in the event that they are unsure why their car is malfunctioning. It is the intention of this brief article to discuss what you should know before your next auto repair in an effort to provide tools that will better serve you in maximizing your service experience and give you confidence in our company at Express Tires And Rims.

A top-notch Auto Service can provide reliable and quality auto repair service through professional vehicle mechanics, so it’s important to schedule a Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment with a local business and with quick repairs and an accurate diagnosis, our customers can get vehicle services such as engine tune-ups, brake repair, heating and cooling service, transmission repair, exhaust system service and more.

The first and perhaps most obvious thing that you should know before your next auto repair can be attributed to the exact nature of the issue; or at the very least have an idea. Now, this may take some time to develop the appropriate ear, with respect to sounds, or eye, with respect to fluid coloration’s or equipment appearance, but you can and will be able to develop the necessary skills to ascertain when something is wrong with your car. In the meantime, merely paying attention to how long it takes your car to turn over when you attempt to start it or how hard you have to press on the brake pedal before your car actually stops are pertinent pieces of information that a mechanic can utilize in diagnosing your car problem or ascertaining which tests to run that will determine what is wrong with your car.

When you schedule your Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment with us you’ll find that our Auto Service Mechanics skills are demonstrated by their focus and commitment to customer satisfaction and should be your choice in an auto repair center. With a clear communication between the customer and Fayetteville Auto Repair mechanical technician, we give you the best diagnosis, maintenance, and repair service for your vehicle. When you are in need of transmission or a brake repair job, you are not going to want to trust this important job to just anyone. Our transmissions experts have been in the car business for many years and will professionally and accurately make the needed repairs and maintenance services to your vehicle to get you back to traveling.

Another thing you should know before your next Fayetteville auto repair visit is the last time you were serviced. Regardless of what repair service your car received, you should be able to supply said information to a mechanic in an effort to aid him/her in their attempt to fix your car. Doing so may be critical to the extent that if you received poor service at another repair shop for a particular problem that happens to persist, the new mechanic will be able to diagnose the problem much quicker. This is especially true if said information is accompanied with accurate descriptions of what you are seeing and experiencing with respect to your car’s performance.

fayetteville brake padsThe brakes hold a complex and important job in your vehicle. Much of the safety and efficiency of your vehicle rely solely on the brakes. When you want to get any work done on your brakes, you are going to want someone who has an extensive knowledge of brake repair and maintenance to handle them. Information such as getting a 4 wheel brake inspection each time you get your tires rotated to indicate how thin they are is a recommendation you’ll receive from a Fayetteville Auto Repair mechanic that has your safety and the best interests of your vehicle in mind. A skilled auto mechanic may also make the following recommendations concerning your brakes:

• Getting a comprehensive brake inspection
• Getting the brake fluid checked
• Getting the brakes system bled and flushed when evidence of contamination
• Getting the drums and rotors checked for damage and thickness

If it is time for a transmission check on your vehicle or it has signs that are time to take it in for an inspection, make sure you use the services of our reliable and experienced auto repair center. Getting your transmission checked and possibly repaired by a quality mechanic will eliminate any concern that you may have towards your vehicle’s transmission. Some indicators that it may be time to take your vehicle in for a transmission inspection include transmission leaks, the check engine light coming on, erratic shifting, or if your vehicle is slipping gears. If you are experiencing one or more of these transmission check indicators, you should immediately take it in for an inspection.

A good mechanic will also check your belts and hoses every time your vehicle is serviced. These parts of your vehicle have to handle severe conditions on a continuous basis and eventually deteriorate over time. Skilled mechanics perform a proper inspection of blisters, cracks, and bulges in your belts and hoses in order to keep your vehicle from quitting on you.

oil change near me in fayetteville ncLearning about the minor and major idiosyncrasies your car exhibits is no longer an option, regardless of how new or old your car may be. It is imperative that you take the time to notice when your car smells differently, leaking fluids or showing signs of a potential malfunction long before your maintenance indicator light comes on. Doing so will not only aid you in your dialogue with an Auto Tech but also maximize your auto repair service to the extent that the mechanic will be more effective in diagnosing the problem with your car as well as how best to treat said problem.

If you are in need of other auto services or repairs in Fayetteville or maintenance services in the area such as exhaust system, and engine tune-up, cooling and heating services, and battery services call our professional transmission and automobile experts to get take care of your vehicle at 910-868-5190. You can call and schedule a vehicle inspection in addition to learning about any specials we are promoting, the prices of the services, payment flexibility options, all of the auto services we offer, store locations, hours of service and more or schedule a Fayetteville Car Repair Appointment now here. 

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Express Tires And Rims is a Veteran Owned And Operated Auto Repair, Custom Wheel and Tire Store located just outside the Yadkin Gate of the Fort Bragg Army Base. As United States Veterans We’re Proud to Serve Our Country And You! Argh! Argh!

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