The Value Of Choosing A Professional Dealer When Buying Custom Made Wheels

The Value Of Choosing A Professional Dealer When Buying Custom Made Wheels

The Value Of Choosing A Professional Dealer When Buying Custom Made Wheels

As most people realize, a nice set of custom wheels on an otherwise drab looking car can really change its overall look and handling. Most of the time people look at an awesome car and don’t realize how much the wheels are a part of how they feel about the car. But car enthusiast know, and that’s why they seek out specific tires and wheels to go on their special car and they wouldn’t be caught dead, driving a car with normal stock wheels. Here are some of the benefits of custom made wheels and what to look for when choosing them.

So, You Bought A New Car And The Wheels Suck

That happens a lot, the stock wheels and tires that come with most cars aren’t much to speak of. They’re always a trade-off of performance, looks, and cost. The manufacturers are always keeping an eye on the bottom line, but sacrificing nice wheels is one of the ways they do it. In a way, that’s OK, because if they put the same exact wheels, however nice they were, on every one of their cars, then they would all look the same. That’s not what most car enthusiasts want anyway.

So in a way, by making and selling most of their cars with ugly wheels, they are doing people a favor. By keeping the price of the car low, each new buyer can choose their own custom made wheels, wheels that look different than anyone else driving down the road in that model of car.

Most Custom Wheels And Tires Are Safer

Bigger rims along with the larger, higher quality tires that usually go with them are safer in nearly all driving conditions. The more rubber you have on the road, the shorter your stopping distance and the less likely you are to slip and slide on a sharp curve.

Higher quality rubber and the steel belt construction that’s used in the better tires is also better for traction in the rain, snow, and at high speeds as well. They are less likely to shred in a blowout and will hold to the road in the worst of conditions.

Custom Rims Can Increase The Value Of Your Car

There is no doubt that great looking wheels add to the value of your car, they turn people’s heads as you drive down the road. Nice wheels are probably the single most cost-effective way to raise the value of your car while also adding safety, a smoother ride, and handling at the same time.

There are a few considerations that you need to think about before you choose the rims for your car, however. Number one, you don’t want them so large that they rub on the body, frame, or suspension components as that can be dangerous and cause other problems.

Number two, you should also take note of the type of roads and conditions that you experience the most. That way you can choose the tires with the right tread design and the rims that not only look good but work well with your car’s suspension to give you the best traction when you need it.

Most Custom Wheel Stores Have Experienced Techs

When you start searching for custom made wheels it’s important to choose an experienced dealer. That’s because there is no substitute for a guy that’s sold and installed thousands of custom wheels on thousands of cars. Sure, he’ll have a computer program that tells him which wheel and tire combinations will fit which cars, but there are always exceptions that only the experienced pro will know.

For example, wider wheels are needed if you’re going to have wider tires, a mismatch isn’t good for the tires or for your safety. There is also such a thing as an offset. That basically determines how far the tires and wheels will stick out from the body. Sometimes, for the wider tires, wheels, and more offset, the car will have to be adjusted upwards to accommodate. A professional custom wheel dealer will usually know what works already or what will need to be done to make things fit correctly.

You should also ask about the guarantees that come with their products and services. Many shops now offer lifetime balancing which is very important with special wheels. Improperly balanced tires will bounce down the road and can become a hazard. Plus having the alignment kept accurately is also imperative. Cars that are out of alignment don’t steer correctly and can “track” into ruts and grooves in the road causing accidents.

So once you have a good idea of the look you desire, then choose the dealer with the most experience to help you get it done. Nearly any dealer can get you the wheel you want to choose the professional that can help you avoid problems and give you good service at the same time.

The Value Of Choosing A Professional Dealer When Buying Custom Made Wheels
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